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This website contains free electrical study material which is written by well experienced lecture of different institute and well experienced engineer from different fields. So here you will get good electrical notes, studymaterial, and latest electrical related news which is written in very simple understandable language.

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  • Electrical engineering study material
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  • Basic electrical
  • Basic electronics
  • Electrical machine
  • Network theory
  • switchgear and protective devices
  • Electrical material
  • Power system
  • Electrical measuring instrument
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Instrumentation and controller

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We create this website to provide dynamic study material to student who can’t afford any coaching class and also help to all people of electrical community.Our passion, dedication and quick decision making ability make us stand apart from others.

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In a country with 29 states, over 600 Districts, and more than 350 million children, it is a monumental task to ensure that every child is literate, a task that government cannot accomplish alone. So today we are here to help the government like a drop of water in a sea.