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General architecture of microprocessor

General architecture of microprocessor– Generally, microprocessor consists of three main component- ALU (Arithmetic and logical unit) Resistor array Timing and control unit ALU- It performs arithmetic as well as logical operation. Arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, division etc. And logical operations are AND, OR, NAND, NOR etc. Resistor array- Resistor is a memory storage element used to store… Read More »

What is Microprocessor?

What is Microprocessor-Microprocessor is a clock given semiconductor device consist of electric circuit based on LSI or VLSI technic. CPU is inbuild in microprocessor, So microprocessor is the brain of the system. The function of the microprocessor is sending data, receiving data, copy paste, inserting, deleting, memory transmit and generation of clock pulse etc. Mostly in a computer,… Read More »

Difference between microprocessor and microcomputer

MICROPROCESSOR- Microprocessor is a semiconductor device consist on electric circuit based on LSI or VLSI technic. Memory and I/O device are connected externally. Microprocessor can be used for multitasking. In microprocessor memory connected externally so it can be used for large program. It is more flexible. Per unit cost is high in the microprocessor. MICROCOMPUTER- Microcomputer is a… Read More »

Advantage and application of microprocessor

Advantage of microprocessor- Data movement is possible by using microprocessor i.e. Transfer data, Email, receiving data, copy of data etc. Speed is more. By using microprocessor multiple tasks can be possible. Application of microprocessor- Microprocessor is used in industry. In automatic control system microcontroller can be use. Car automation. Telecommunication Biometric Radar Entertainment system etc.