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Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution

The most important activity performed by the power sectors are, power generation, power transmission and power distribution. Electricity is generated at different power stations then it is transmitted through various channels like power transformers, transmission lines and transmission substations to the distribution substations, finally distribution substations distribute the electrical energy to residential and commercial consumers. The basic components… Read More »

Feeder Protection

The word feeder here means the connecting link between two circuits. The feeder cod be in the form of a transmission line, short, medium or long, or this could be a distribution circuit. The various methods of protecting the feeders are: 1. Over current protection. 2. Distance protection. 3. Pilot relaying protection. of these, overcurrent protection is the… Read More »

Types of buses

In a power system various component are meet at buses. The generators feed energy to buses and loads draw energy from buses. In the network of a power system the buses become nodes and so a voltage can specified for each bus. So, each bus in a power system is associated with four quantities and they are real… Read More »

Types of Insulators

The successful operation of an overhead line depends to a considerable extent upon the proper selection of insulation. There are several types of insulators but the most commonly used are pin type, strain insulator, shackle insulator and suspension type. Pin type insulator Suspension type insulator Strain insulator Shackle insulator Pin type insulator- As the name suggests, the pin… Read More »