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Preventive maintenance planning

It is mostly used in maintenance department. The maintenance engineer inspects the plant periodically under working condition and when it is rest, with good planning and preparation. The planning of maintenance is categorized in following ways- Routine maintenance Periodically maintenance Maintenance of fault when fault occurs Routine maintenance- It should be carried out daily. It includes visual inspection,… Read More »

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance means proper maintenance. It consists of process to grow before breakdown and prevent them before they occur. Basically the function of this section is Periodic visual inspection of various equipment to locate condition leading to break down. Repair defects at their initial stages. To attain major breakdown and repairs well planned preventive maintenance with half the… Read More »

Types of maintenance

Basically there are 3 types of maintenance- Corrective maintenance Preventive maintenance Contracted maintenance Corrective maintenance is done when an equipment fails or doesn’t work satisfactorily. Preventive maintenance is carried out to reduce the failure of equipment to minimum. In contracted maintenance contact terms are agreed by the supplier of the equipment and user. It may include both preventive… Read More »

Civil construction for installing of transformer

The following factors are taken into consideration at the time of installing transformers. Proper foundation- The foundation must be strong enough to bear the load of transformer without any vibration and must be made with proper floor label and plinth label. The label of concrete plinth should be above the maximum flood label. Suitable rail tracks should be… Read More »