Construction of depletion type MOSFET

Depletion type MOSFET- A slab of P type materials formed from a silicon base and refer towards substrates.

It is the foundation on which device is constructed. In some cases, substrates are internally connected to source terminal.

Construction of depletion type MOSFET

The source and drain terminals are connected through metallic contacts to N-doped region linked by N-channel.

The gate is also connected to a metal contact surface but remains insulated from the N-channel by a very thin silicon dioxide layer.

SiO2 is a type of insulator refers to as a dielectric which sheds of opposing electric fields within the dielectric when exposed to an externally applying electric field.

Three is no direct electrical connection between gate terminal and channel of the MOSFET.

It is the insulating layer of MOSFET that account for the very high input impedance of the device.

The region for the level metal oxide semiconductor is that metal for the Drain-Source-Gate connection oxide for the silicon dioxide insulating layers and semiconductors for the basic structure on which N-type and p-type region are defused.


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