• Microprocessor is a semiconductor device consist on electric circuit based on LSI or VLSI technic.
  • Memory and I/O device are connected externally.
  • Microprocessor can be used for multitasking.
  • In microprocessor memory connected externally so it can be used for large program.
  • It is more flexible.
  • Per unit cost is high in the microprocessor.


  • Microcomputer is a device which consists of CPU, I/O device, and memory fabricated on single PCB(printed circuit board).
  • Here memory and I/O devices are connected internally on single PCB>
  • Microcomputer can be used for general purpose.
  • In microcomputer memory is fixed so it can be used for the small program.
  • Microcomputer is less flexible.
  • Per unit cost is less in microcomputer.

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