What is electricity?

What is electricity- Flow of electric charge is known as electricity. By using electricity, we can transfer energy In ways that enable us to perform common tasks. Its most well-known form is electrons flow through conductors like copper wires. Sometimes we mean that Electricity means electrical energy. But they are totally two different things. Electricity is an electrical… Read More »

What is LVDT ?

LINEAR VARIABLE DIFFERENTIAL TRANSFORMER (LVDT) : It is a type of inductive transducer which is used to measure the displacement. The inductive transducer means they are changing the inductance of the coil due to the change in inductance the non-electrical quantity is converted into electrical quantity. The LVDT(linear variable differential transformer) is used measure the displacement and this… Read More »

What is Transducers?

DEFINATION Of TRANSDUCERS :- A transducer is a device which converts one quantity into another quantity. examples are microphone, incandescent light and electric motor. A microphone converts sound into electric impulses. A incandescent light bulb converts electrical energy into light. An electric motor converts electrical energy into motion. Some actuators are transducers, an actuator is a device that… Read More »

What is Electric Power?

Voltage and current are two fundamental electrical circuit parameters. However, only voltage and current are not enough to express an electrical circuit element’s behaviour. Essentially, we need to understand how much electrical power a circuit element can manage. We have all seen that an electric lamp of 60 watts provides less light than an electric lamp of 100… Read More »

Voltage or Electric Potential Difference

Voltage or Electric Potential Difference Before understanding voltage or potential difference first we have to understand how a charge particle moves in a uniform static field. Voltage Theory Let’s assume two parallel plate connect to a battery. The upper plate is connected to positive terminal and the lower plate is connected to negative terminal.  So the upper plate… Read More »

What Is Electric Charge

Every matter is produced up of atoms in this universe. The atoms are neutral electrically. This is because the amount of protons and electrons in each atom is equal. Protons are charged Positively. Today, I will describe the electric charge in simple words. In an atom, protons sit together with electrically neutral neutrons in the central nucleus. The… Read More »

Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution

The most important activity performed by the power sectors are, power generation, power transmission and power distribution. Electricity is generated at different power stations then it is transmitted through various channels like power transformers, transmission lines and transmission substations to the distribution substations, finally distribution substations distribute the electrical energy to residential and commercial consumers. The basic components… Read More »