Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance means proper maintenance. It consists of process to grow before breakdown and prevent them before they occur.

Basically the function of this section is

  • Periodic visual inspection of various equipment to locate condition leading to break down.
  • Repair defects at their initial stages.
  • To attain major breakdown and repairs well planned preventive maintenance with half the following aspects.
  1. What to inspect and how to inspect.
  2. How often to inspect.
  3. When to inspect.
  4. Who to inspect.
  5. What to record and how to record.

Advantage of preventive maintenance-

It prevents all schedule interruption to various machines and equipment and premature failures.

It makes an effective use of systematic maintenance and inspection to determine the need for minor and major repairs.

It reduces breakdown to a minimum and increases the efficiency of equipment and machinery.

Satisfactory maintenance of machine and others equipment at low cost.

It helps to plan flexibility in operation due to accurate knowledge of machinery condition.

It lowers the wear and tear of a machine and other equipment.

It maker working condition better.

It increases the life of machine.

Less standby equipment is needed.

Provide greater safety and protection to the worker.

The cost of repairing is reduced.

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