Revolution of microprocessor

Revolution of microprocessor- Microprocessor is classified based on generation. In 1971 intel first, introduce 4bit microprocessor i.e. 4004. But this can’t be used publically. So next 4040 microprocessors is introducing by Intel. It is also a 4-bit microprocessor.

In 1975 first 8bit microprocessor is introduced i.e. 8008. It based on PMOS technology. As it based on PMOS technology, the speed of operation is slow. So, 8080 microprocessors are introduced. It is an 8bit microprocessor and based on NMOS technology. It has high speed. But it required 3 different power supply.

To avoid this, drawback intel first introduces 8085 microprocessors. It is an 8bit microprocessor and it required a single power supply.

In 1980 first 16bit microprocessor is introduce i.e. 8086.

After that 8088 and 80186 is introduced.

First 32bit microprocessor is 80386. After that Intel 80486, Pentium, Pentium pro, Pentium mmx, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV.

In 2001 first 64bit microprocessor is introduced i.e. Intel Itanium.

Except for Intel other company also introduce microprocessor like Zilog ’s, Motorola, Texas Instrument etc.

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