What Documents Are Required While Filing a Death Term Insurance Claim

With digitization and the most recent technology trends in the insurance industry, insurance providers are offering more client driven administrations. While buying and renewal of term insurance can be effectively done on the website of Insurance Company.

A term insurance claim should be taken care of without a hitch and instantly with no problems. An issue free death claim can help a family previously experiencing the departure of a friend or family member. Giving financial security in troublesome times is the sole purpose behind term insurance. Let us understand the different types of claims and the documents required for filing a claim for a Death insurance policy.

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A death claim can be raised when the insured dies during the policy term. The death benefit is given to the nominee or beneficiary of the policy.

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Documents Required for Filing a Death Term Insurance Claim:
To file a claim for the death benefit, the following are the documents required,

  • A claim intimation form properly filled with subtleties like date, place, and reason for death.
  • Original policy documents
  • Death Certificate validated by the municipal authority
  • Age proof of the policyholder
  • Id proof of beneficiary or nominee
  • Bank account passbook of beneficiary or NEFT mandate for verified by the bank with a cancelled check.

For Natural Death – Medical certificate or Doctor’s statement as verification of death, and Employer’s certificate

For Accidental or Unnatural Death – Medical certificate, Police FIR, and post-mortem report.

For Early Death – If a policyholder dies in something like 3 years of buying the policy, it is viewed as an early Death. All the previously mentioned documents as indicated by the nature of death are required.

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