What is Microprocessor?

What is Microprocessor-Microprocessor is a clock given semiconductor device consist of electric circuit based on LSI or VLSI technic.

CPU is inbuild in microprocessor, So microprocessor is the brain of the system.

The function of the microprocessor is sending data, receiving data, copy paste, inserting, deleting, memory transmit and generation of clock pulse etc.

Mostly in a computer, it consists of 3 different devices. These are

  • Peripheral device
  • CPU
  • Memory

Peripheral device is the I/O device which is used for input and output. Input device is used to give the input to processor like keyboard, mouse etc. Output device is used to take O/P from processor monitor, printer etc.

CPU is a central processing unit which is used to process the data. This is the brain of the system.

Memory is the storage element which is used to store the data either temporarily or permanently.

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