Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine In a power generating plant, the steam turbine is a favorite primary mover. The capability of the steam turbine can be from 5 megawatts – 2000 megawatts. Working Principle of Steam Turbine- A practical turbine normally has two important parts nozzles and blades. The nozzle is a tool installed at a turbine’s steam inlet. The high-temperature, high-pressure… Read More »

Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant- A thermal power plant is a power plant that converts heat energy into electricity. The most standard source of electricity is the thermal power plant or heat power station. Thermal power plant is also known as coal thermal power plant and steam turbine power plant. Theory of Thermal Power Station- The thermal power plant or… Read More »

Thevenin Theorem

According to Thevenin theorem an active circuit between two load terminals can be considered as an individual voltage source. This source’s voltage would be open circuit voltage across terminals, and the source’s internal impedance is the equivalent circuit impedance across terminals. Let’s take a simple example of a resistive active circuit as shown below to understand Thevenin Theorem.… Read More »

What is electricity?

What is electricity- Flow of electric charge is known as electricity. By using electricity, we can transfer energy In ways that enable us to perform common tasks. Its most well-known form is electrons flow through conductors like copper wires. Sometimes we mean that Electricity means electrical energy. But they are totally two different things. Electricity is an electrical… Read More »

What is LVDT ?

LINEAR VARIABLE DIFFERENTIAL TRANSFORMER (LVDT) : It is a type of inductive transducer which is used to measure the displacement. The inductive transducer means they are changing the inductance of the coil due to the change in inductance the non-electrical quantity is converted into electrical quantity. The LVDT(linear variable differential transformer) is used measure the displacement and this… Read More »

What is Transducers?

DEFINATION Of TRANSDUCERS :- A transducer is a device which converts one quantity into another quantity. examples are microphone, incandescent light and electric motor. A microphone converts sound into electric impulses. A incandescent light bulb converts electrical energy into light. An electric motor converts electrical energy into motion. Some actuators are transducers, an actuator is a device that… Read More »

What is Electric Power?

Voltage and current are two fundamental electrical circuit parameters. However, only voltage and current are not enough to express an electrical circuit element’s behaviour. Essentially, we need to understand how much electrical power a circuit element can manage. We have all seen that an electric lamp of 60 watts provides less light than an electric lamp of 100… Read More »